Nov 28, 2022 • 33M

Just Give Us Some Native Milkweed! Native Plants vs the Horticulture Industry

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Misti Little
Life Lessons and Conversations from the Garden
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Asclepias obovata - Pineland milkweed - Gus Engeling WMA

This episode is more or less a recording of a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago regarding the stark divide in native plant media versus what is available for sale in the nursery industry. A summary of the issues…

The Issues at Hand

  • A diverse and locally native plant landscape for the home gardener is not easily within reach to the majority of home gardeners.

  • Nursery stock to create a diverse home landscape for gardeners on the scale touted by native plant enthusiasts doesn’t exist and is consistently unsupported by the horticulture industry.

  • Most homeowners will never delve into gardening, native or otherwise.

  • Gardeners should be intensely focusing on preserving large, existing tracts of undeveloped land within the suburban/urban/wildland interfaces to counteract the shortcomings of native plant home landscapes.

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Show Notes:
+How can you grown native plants if there aren’t native plants to buy? – The original blog post I wrote a few weeks ago! If you aren’t able to listen to the podcast or want to go back and see more of what I said, head to my website to read more!

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